Global Brand Simplicity Index

The Global Brand Simplicity Index is our annual report that evaluates the state, significance and impact of Simplicity on brands.

Watch a summary
of our 2014 findings

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Watch a summary
of our 2014 findings


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Research Methodology

To determine the global state of simplicity, Siegel+Gale fielded an online survey with more than 12,000 respondents in 8 countries to gather perspectives on simplicity and how industries and brands make people’s lives simpler or more complex.

During the study, respondents rated 585 brands. The brands were selected as a representative set that respondents would be most likely to know and/or use in each country.

Survey Topics

This year’s respondents answered questions about brand touchpoints within specific industries, disruptive companies, and which channels they were most likely to use to find information on new products and contact customer service. Respondents answered questions around:

  • How simple or complex they perceive their lives to be
  • How familiar they are with certain brands
  • If they recently used these brand
  • The simplicity/complexity of a brand’s communications and interactions in relation to its industry peers

Brand Simplicity Score

The score was calculated with the following inputs:

  • How each brand was rated on the simplicity/complexity of its products, services, interactions and communications in relation to its industry peers. Respondents answered questions around:
  • How consistently the brand experience and communications were rated across respondents
  • How aligned non-user and user perceptions were, privileging aligned perceptions
  • The Simplicity Score for the brand’s industry or category(ies)

Industry Simplicity Score

Each country rated 25 industries. The score was calculated with the following inputs:

  • The industry’s contribution to making life simpler or more complex
  • The pain of typical interactions with companies/organizations within the industry
  • How the industry’s typical communications rank in terms of: Ease of understanding, transparency/honesty, making the customer feel valued and appreciated, innovation/freshness, usefulness

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From finding more affordable lodging to requesting cars from your smartphone, many emerging companies are disrupting established industries by providing simpler alternatives to consumers. See how some of the most talked about emerging companies ranked in this year's index.

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Global industry rankings

Industry rank: Score:
1. Internet search 950
2. Electronics 761
3. Retail/Grocery 733
4. Internet retail 728
5. Appliances 726
6. Restaurants 699
7. Retail/General 664
8. Media 656
9. Shipping/Mail 603
10. Retail/Fashion 600
11. Travel/Hotels 595
12. Retail/Health and beauty 570
13. Travel/Booking 563
14. Telecom/Cell phone 553
15. Travel/Air 551
16. Social media 549
17. Banks/Retail 523
18. Automotive 496
19. Utilities 487
20. Fitness 475
21. Telecom/Cable 471
22. Travel/Train 461
23. Travel/Car rental 416
24. Health insurance 317
25. General insurance 270
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This is just the start. Our Global Brand Simplicity Index 2014 report is full of additional info graphics, charts, and brand stories that illustrate how simplicity pays for organizations of all sizes - from established brands to disruptive emerging companies. Download the report here.

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